FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

When am I required to get a building permit?

All new construction requires submitting a Zoning/Building Permit Application. The Zoning Permit determines if the proposed construction is consistent with the Township's Zoning Ordinance. For example, is the new structure compliant with the property set back requirement, etc. Often times applications for small improvements like fences or sheds will only require a zoning permit and not require a building permit. Generally projects requiring structual changes, new additions, decks or patios will require both a zoning permit and a building permit.

Note some electrical, plumbing and mechanical improvements require a separate application. The Township  Zoning Officer will review the application and determine what is required.

Permit Check List

Do I need a permit for a shed or a fence?

Applications for small improvements like fences or sheds may only require a zoning permit and not require a building permit.

Include with your permit application a sketch of your property and indicate existing structures and the proposed structure.

Zoning/Building Permit Application

Does the Township issue well and sewer permits?

All matters relating to well and sewer, including repairs and new system permits, are handled by the Chester County Health Department.

Does the Township require a Use & Occupancy Certificate for resale?

The Township does not require a U&O Certificate for the resale of property.

Is trash collection managed by the Township?

The Township does not collect trash.  Homeowners hire private trash collectors for refuse and recycling.  

The local recycling center is the Chester County Solid Waste Authority, Lanchester Refill and Reclamation Center.

What do I need to do to get a building permit?

Please see the Building Permit Instructions. For additional information email the township office using the Contact Form

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