44-acre Farm in Nantmeal Conserved

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Aguilar Farm

The 44-acre Aguilar farm in East Nantmeal Township, Chester County, is a mix of rolling terrain, steep slopes, waterways, and woodlands. The conservation easement Natural Lands placed on the land last month means all of this will remain intact forever.   

Said Senior Director of Land Protection Jack Stefferud, “The property is really special because of the water there. Beaver Run and one of its tributaries cut through the northern portion of the land. The area around the creek banks is a floodplain, which absorbs and slows stormwater during major rainstorms.” 

The entire Beaver Run basin is designated as having Exceptional Value water quality by the PA Department of Environmental Protection. Water from Beaver Run makes its way to French Creek, which joins the Schuylkill River just upstream of Norristown. These waterways are important sources of drinking water and recreation for the Delaware Valley, making their protection essential to our region. 

“My wife and I want our kids and grandkids to appreciate nature’s healing qualities,” said landowner Martin Aguilar. “We all need to do more to preserve land. Once it’s gone, it’s too late.”

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